Mythical Journeys organizes reviving holidays, bringing ancient cultures back to life. We offer you a mix between wellness and interactive workshops. In analyzing myths of creation, legends and fairytales, combined with forgotten rituals, like walking a labyrinth,  amazing excursions and creative workshops you’ll get to know the world of our ancestors and you’ll understand the world we are living in better.

Mythical Journeys is organizing group holidays to European destinations. Ireland, Italy, France, Scotland and the Netherlands

The accomodation are beautiful historical land houses close to the monuments.

The transport is done by a minibus with a maximum of travelling 100 km a day

Every destination has it’s own team of professional guides and workshopleaders.

The Labyrinth

This is the labyrinth carved in one of the the pillars of the doorway of the St. Martino cathedral in Lucca, Italy. The Labyrinth is an ancient geometric symbol which stands for the inner journey to the center of our being. It combines the imagery of the circle, which relates to wholeness and the ancient spiral, a very common symbol in neolithic and megalithic age, into a meandering, but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and again back to the world.    

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