Mijntje Janssen Steenberg (1974, founder)

I have been always interested in history and psychology. Being a National Guide and bikeguide in Europe leading people through the history of Europe, I was quiet shocked by our history, especially the colonial period. So I dived deeper, and I stopped at about 2000 BC, at the end of the neolithical age. Zooming into these time period and before,  I discovered this heritage to be much more important for the people of today. I found there what our modern day’s society is lacking: an inclusive society, where nature and people are honoured just the way they are and when people felt a huge faith and sacredness in nature and the nightsky. Our ancestors had a very good astronomical view and used their accurateness for their holy edifices, myths, prayers and ceremonies. I also discovered that untill the bronze age ( 1500 BC) we had a widespread mothergoddess culture, with the worshipping of the female ( pregnant) body as a metaphor for the body of the earth.

This captured me 5 years ago and since then I knew that I had to make this known to a bigger audience. My 2 inspirations on this field are archeologist Marija Gimbutas, author of ” The gods and goddesses of Old Europe” and Annine van der Meer- “The language of Ma”

Since 2004 I practice Kundalini Yoga. In same year I discovered the work of Carl Gustav Jung and since then I have combined these insights with history.

My background is art management, organizing events and festivals and tourism.

John Willmott

I am keeper and guide of my Garden Of Labyrinths at Carrowcrory Cottage Co. Sligo, Ireland. I am also co-ordinator of Bards In The Woods within woodlands of Ireland to encourage more people to use the public woods more often. I am organizing Sunday afternoon Poetree Walks in the beautiful nature in Ireland. I’ve built a labyrinth in my Garden and I give instructions how to walk the labyrinth of initiation. Visitors also enjoy some tea, traditional home baking, herb lore, tree lore, harp lore and stories of the bards. We are also surrounded by hundreds of sacred ancient sites connected by the very scenic Historical Trail. I am also a herbalist and I will be leading most of the workshops of the Mystical Celts West Ireland Tour. My partner, Claire, is a well known harp player and has an angelvoice. Together we will be hosting the eveningprogramm at the Mystical Celts Tour West.