Meet the Etruscans


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8 days: Sunday 15- Monday 23 October 2021

Meet the Etruscans, a unique opportunity to experience ancient myths and rituals from an ancient culture in southern Tuscany. Visit the core of the Etruscan civilization.

Where we stay: is 1 big room where workshops and yoga is offered. There is plenty of space outside and the Lago di Bolsena is just a few 100 metres from there. When it’s too warm, there’s enough shade available in the garden and between the programs. Every morning before breakfast yoga is offered for a good start.


Sunday 15th October

Arrival between 17.00 and 18.00. Presentation of our team. Evening of introduction and walk at the Bolseno lake

Monday 16th October: Rituals around the Goddess, from death to being born again

In the morning after a delicious Italian breakfast we will visit the archeological parc of Sorano and Sovanna in Tuscany, we have lunch in a typical Italian restaurant in Sovanna and in the afternoon We will do a special birthritual in a very special place in the area.

In the evening we will listen to a special lecture of Selma Sevenhuijsen about Etruscan Gods and godesses and rituals around the lake of Bolsena.

Tuesday 17th October: rituals around the biggest holy place of the Etruscans: The Lake of Bolsena

After breakfast we will have a walk into nature and you’ll learn more about the Etruscan view on nature and we will have a boattour around the 2 islands of Lake of Bolsena: ” Isole Martana” ( Moonisland) and the “Isole of Bisentina” (Sunisland).

After lunch we will go to the hill of Bizenzio and do an Etruscan ritual. In the evening there is a gathering around the campfire and an evening program.

Wednesday 18th October: Labyrith, the holy path in Marta

A day to go deeper in silence. Silent breakfast and meditation at the Lake. After Lunch we will make a labyrinth and walk the labyrinth. In the evening we will talk about the Myths of the Etruscans and if you are inspired you can write your own Myth, or the myth you believe in.

Thursday 19th of October: Etruscan Art, from then to now

In the morning we will do a workshop symbols that the Etruscan used. And we will talk about artists throughout the years who ot their inspiration of Etruscan art. Afternoon even go to he gardens of Danielspoerri in Monte Amiata or the ” Garden of Tarot sculptures” of the french artist Nikki Saint Phalle in Capalbio.


Friday 20th of October: Holy Mother honouring and giving nature

Today we will gather herbs and learn about food from nature. and the afternoon we will eleborate the herbs into medicinal tinctures and prepare a meal of our gathered food.

We will discover the Etruscan bathing culture and learn more about the way the Etruscans cured people. Etruscan skincareproducts contain lots of herbs, flowers and aloe vera. We will search for the ingredients ourselves! Not only that, we will seek medicinal herbs from nature that can be used for various ailments and diseases. In the afternoon we use these plants in a ritual. And the evening we go bathing as the Etruscans did in a famous volcanic warmwater source and test out our skincare products. Don’t forget to bring your flipflops!

Saturday 21st of October, The Etruscan cities and tombes

Visit the etruscan city Vulci and Cucumella, an underground labyrinth. We’ll have lunch in the beautiful Tuscania, where we will visit the church Santa Maggiore and discover an Etruscan temple dedicated to Lanus in the church.

In the evening we go to an observatory and we’ll enjoy the beautiful starry night in Tuscany, where we will be dealing with astronomy, according to the Etruscans.

Sunday 22nd of October

Visit the garden of Bomarzo and the beautiful city of Civita di Bagnoregio. Evening: Say Goodbye ritual

Monday 23rd of October

This is our last day, after breakfast we’ll say goodbye and we look back to a very special week.

The price of this 8 day tour is 1450 euro including transfer from and to the airports of Rome, breakfast, dinner, and all excursions, workshops and all guided tours

To bring with you:

  • Easy shoes, beachwear, hat because of the sun, sun cream.
  • Water Bottle for yoga.
  • Good shoes for hiking.

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